About us

Comprehensive services to ensure the safety and protection of persons and facilities
  • HA-SEC Services s.r.o. company has been on the market since 2013.
  • The management of the company is a team of highly qualified professionals with many years experience gained in the security field for the state security forces and cooperation with renowned Czech and foreign clients.
  • We are a purely Czech Company with transparent ownership interest.
  • Our Company offers in its portfolio a comprehensive services to the clients:
    • Administration and debt collection
    • Legal consultancy
    • Security audits and assessment of the facilities
    • Technical assessment of the facilities
    • Energy management
    • Detective services
    • Physical security of the facilities
  • Our company hires solely criminally and morally blameless people who are properly trained before entering into the contract and who meet the following basic eligibility requirements.
  • As a precaution against risk events, we are insured for any damage caused to another entity associated with performance of our activity up to the filling amount of CZK 20 000 000.