Administration and debt collection

Do not suffer from secondary insolvency!

Secondary insolvency which is based on long-term outstanding liabilities, is an unpleasant burden to every company. In nowadays economically unstable times, when non-compliance with financial obligations become a general phenomenon, the company that does not leave its cash flow to a chance and entrusts the responsibility for the debts to a strong partner wins.

We manage and enforce the claims in almost any amount for natural or legal persons arising from failure of borrowers:

  • the ordinary business relations (unpaid invoices, noncompliance with business contracts),
  • the loan contracts,
  • issued notes,
  • recognition of liabilities,
  • lease agreements,
  • obligations of the guarantor,
  • any other legal titles.
We will take a full agenda of your debts and will take care of their efficient recovery without incurring additional funds.

Our services include a comprehensive summary of professional activities from studying of current state of the debt, search for a debtor up to resolution of the situation:

  • studying and preparation of written documents
  • realization of debts
  • legal consultancy and services
  • careful planning
  • coordination with the lawyers and executors
  • close cooperation with law enforcement authorities in criminal proceedings
  • legal consultancy
  • ensuring of lien

A legal and financial services and cooperation with law enforcement authorities are also included in our services.

We will provide the initial assessment of the case and verification of the debtor’s situation in the context of free service which includes:

  • verification of the debtor’s existence,
  • assessment of the debtor’s/debt’s creditworthiness,
  • assessment of the suitability of the claim for extrajudicial enforcement,
  • check of the debt’s title (check of correctness from the legal point of view, legality, prescription, etc.)

Our standard reward is 30-50% of the recovered amount. For our long-term and significant clients is commission reduced to 20%.