Physical security of the facilities

We will provide you a professional security system which will fit your operation.

Physical security is the essential element of the security. Based on the safety assessment of your operation, we will propose you an individual system of surveillance that will comprehensively cover all critical and risky areas. Thus we will provide a reliable way to protect people and property in the form of a physical security of indoor and outdoor areas with respect to increasing security, prevention of safety risks, prevention of personal injuries, damages on the property and other financial losses.

We are able to provide a professional physical security of

  • Hotel operations
  • Logistics and industrial sites
  • Shopping centers
  • Residential and office complexes
  • Healthcare and public facilities
Entrust the surveillance of your property to experienced professionals!

Our company hires solely criminally and morally blameless people who are properly trained before entering into the contract and who meet the following basic eligibility requirements.

  • Clean criminal record
  • Professional qualification Guard (68-008- E)
  • Knowledge of the facility
  • Knowledge of safety issues
  • Completion of Fire Protection and Occupational Health and Safety trainings
  • Operational knowledge of Electronic Fire Alarm, Electronic Security System, CCTV and other technologies according to the type of the facility