Security audits and assessment of facilities

Key to the success is proper identification and effective elimination of security risks.

Are you aware of all security risks that threaten your operation? Are you sure, that your security measures are sufficient and set effectively?

To increase the security level, we provide a comprehensive security assessment of the facility, which includes:

  • Professional objective assessment of the facility and evaluation of current situation, securing and functionality of its security
  • Identification of all risks arising from current setting of security measures
  • Proposal of effective security measures to reduce or complete elimination of these risks

Security assessment of the facility mainly includes:

  • Security protection of the shell (securing of entrances and exits, logical solution of interior space for the protection of the rooms, securing of windows, etc.)
  • Production processes (e.g. the processes related to delivery of the material in to the production, its acceptance and storage, processes related to production, packaging and shipping of finished products, etc.)
  • Other processes (processes related to employees, visits, external companies and other persons who may enter and move around the facility)
  • Security technologies, such as CCTV, Electronic Security Alarm, Electronic Fire Alarm, Electronic Access Control, etc.(assessment of the level of security technologies in terms of scope, logic placement, outputs, etc.)
  • IT processes (protection of sensitive information)
  • Fire Protection (level of the Fire Protection, minimizing the risks of the fire, minimizing of damages on lives, health and property during the fire)
  • Other areas with regard to specification of particular facility