Technical assessment of the facility condition

It is better to prevent the defects, malfunctions and accidents than to remove their consequences.

Do you know the condition of your technical equipment? Are you sure that everything is under control and that there is no danger of an accident? When will you have to invest in expensive repairs or the purchase of new equipment, and what the investments will be?

The answer to all these questions will give you the technical assessment prepared on the basis of a complete inspection and assessment of the current technical condition of the facility and its technical equipment.

The technical assessment includes:

  • A comprehensive report on the technical condition of all installed devices, the availability of a technical documentation.
  • The description of the most serious problems of the facility operation in terms of the technical maintenance.
  • The description of shortcomings, failures, malfunctions of technological and construction complexes, including the photographs with examples of failures.
  • The proposal of measures and arrangements leading to safe securing and efficient operation.